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One of our goals is to maintain our leading position and to expand our business. Furthermore, we want to assist our customers in the development of new sustainable and responsible products; products that are produced in an efficient and safe way with use of state-of-the-art production techniques and while adhering to the highest standards in quality and food safety. 

SanoRice has an active sustainability policy. As an innovative and future-oriented company we feel the need to contribute to a better world by making high-quality products.

In line with our sustainability policy our supply chain is:

  • sustainable for people. We respect health and safety, human and labor rights and improve the wellbeing of communities where we are active. Committed to being a responsible and sustainable business, since many years SanoRice is a member of the ethical trade service Sedex for sharing and improving ethical systems together with our Customers and Suppliers.
  • sustainable for the environment. We strive to conserve the natural resources on our planet via circularity of materials for a responsible consumption and production and we act now against global worming via 100% usage of green electricity.
  • sustainable for local economies. Fair trade and economic growth via a decent work are the key principles of our corporate culture. We cooperate for development of decent work environments and establish long term relationships all over the world for increasing production of sustainable food, such as organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified products.

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